Rebel Video

Online is not always easy

It’s not easy to give new life to an old media. Especially if you want to ensure that it will reach the right target group. Heinz Nigg was searching for a fitting solution for his new project “Rebel Video”, which depicts the video culture of the 70s and 80s and was exhibited at the Swiss National Museum. It was important to him to present this exhibition and the book that goes with it to an interested audience and to showcase the topic with matching video clips.

PRESENCEbasic and Rebel Video

A website was created  to market the book and exhibition on the one and to create a community for interested people on the other hand. Thanks to a monitoring tool, Heinz Nigg was able to observe where the customers came from and what kind of information they would click on. That way he could see which area showed the biggest interest in his project. Subsequently, Heinz Nigg went on tour to the States and England where he used his website as a blog to document his journey. Thanks to PRESENCEbasic, Heinz Nigg will keep marketing his project online and give new life to the media of video.

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