David’s Fitnessfood

Online isn’t always easy

Food delivery services are usually associated with unhealthy fast food. David’s Fitnessfood is completely different. Carefully prepared and planned meals with local ingredients; that’s what David and his team want to offer. That is why they desperately needed a functioning and appealing website that was easy to use and that would respect their corporate design. That’s where PRESENCEbasic came into play.

PRESENCEbasic and David’s Fitnessfood

On this website you will now quickly and easily find everything you need; the newly set up order system is not only a lot more user friendly for existing and new customers, but allows for a more streamlined work process for  the DF team. The customers are continuously informed via the nicely designed blog and can keep track of df-food’s activity via Instagram. The website is now fresh and offers a lot of space for images and information, which is very important for successful sales.