Arête News

Online isn’t always easy

Be it online or offline, the world of news production is tough. There are several difficulties that come with establishing a news platform online. Mr. Heilprin was looking to build a website that would allow him to easily update its content on a regular basis. He needed an appealing design and the best marketing tools available to make his page stand out and make a name for itself.

PRESENCEbasic and Arête News

With PRESENCEbasic you can create visually appealing and user friendly websites. The different news columns are clearly visible and the website’s design conveys Arête News’ core beliefs. An easily accessible archive lets users go back and find past articles. Thanks to different online marketing tools, Arête News is advertised well and benefits from new users as well as users that keep coming back for more. View the website here: Arête News

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